Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Micky's Flowers

My photo from my iPhone processed on my iPad.  Apps - Repix, Brushstroke, Procreate, Icolorama, Stackables.

I have decided to take photos every day on my morning walk and process them in different apps on my iPad.  I would like to do one a day for 30 days - but we shall see about that.  These images will be simple and very personal.  I have a tree in my front yard which is a Carolina Silverbell.  In the spring it has beautiful bell shaped flowers that smell wonderful and attract a lot of bees.  I picked a flower bunch and photographed it on white paper with my iPhone.  I processed  it on my iPad. The pod shapes are from another picture I took by the pond.  The tree’s name is Micky.  I want to make painterly/artsy images rather than digital looking work for this series.

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