Sunday, May 21, 2017

iPad Apps

So I thought I would explore some apps I frequently use on my iPad.  I figured I would start with the above image and go from there and keep track of what I use.  I cropped it to the size I wanted.

The image above was worked on in ArtRage.  This is a new app for me and I do not know too much about it.  It is pretty much a paint program and I really want to explore and see what it can do.  You can create layers in this app so I created a few and painted and drew on the layers.  I then saved the image for the next step.

I took the ArtRage image into MetaBrush and painted on top of it.  I really love MetaBrush but am still learning what it can do and how to do it.  It is made by the same person as iColorama.  This app really gives a photo a painterly look which is what I want.

I then took the image into Repix one of my favorite apps.  I further refined the painterly feel of the photo. I added charcoal, drips, tags and other marks.  I love what you can do with this app and I was pretty happy with the image so far.

I next brought the image into Procreate and layered a texture over it and did a few slight adjustments to it.

I then brought it into Stackables and added another texture.  What I like is that I have the same image to compare.  I learned a lot doing this exercise.  I jump from app to app on my iPad and when I am done I have no idea how I created the final image or even which apps I used or in what order.  I do consider this just an exercise but I do like what I created in such a short time.  The iPad is really amazing and the apps mind blowing. I plan on learning and exploring during the summer months and the best part is that my iPad is portable.

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