Monday, February 27, 2017

Forever Young

Background created using four papers from Jen Maddocks AWAKE content
Girl - extracted from a vintage photo 
Textures, bird brushes, moon, flowers, writing, stuff - my collection and AWAKE content

I did a lot of work on the girl from the vintage photo - the original is below.  I just loved the expression on her face.  I have been hearing the song Forever Young on a commercial lately and I can't help but think these vintage kids are really Forever Young. 

 The original image I used to extract the girl.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Jezebel's Garden

Model - Stephanie photo by Colby Files
Background - created by me using many papers and images
Textures, flowers, bird, clock, trees, gate, hair strands, stars - my collection and Mischief Circus

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pull Of The Moon

Background - combined two photos from unsplash
Model - created using bits and pieces (head, arms, dress, feet, hair) combined
Moon - my photo of a full moon 
Texture, smoke, sparkle, hair strands - all my collection

Been thinking of this image for some time - not quite sure if this is it but for now it will do. I am a Cancer and a moon child and I find all phases of the moon fascinating.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Almost An Angel

Model - Ariana photo by Colby Files
Background - created using two images
Wings - Raw Exchange 
Textures, feather, writing, stars, trees - my collection

Playing with wings - this is a beautiful photo taken by the amazing Colby!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Vintage Sisters

Background made from 2 photos and many textures
Sisters - extracted from a vintage photo 
Additional textures and stuff  - my collection and AWAKE content

Something different for a change - I love to work with vintage images.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Spending Time In The Woods

Background - my photo from one of my morning walks
Larger clock - 
Textures, feather, clocks, hair strands, sign - my collection

A play on words.  This is a path in the woods near my house and I pass by it every day.  I have no idea where it leads.

That Annoying Guy At The Train Station

Background - created combining four photos - one from Pixabay and three from Sebastian Michaels AWAKE content
Model - Aurora extracted from a photo by Colby Files 
Trunk - Mischief Circus
Textures, hat, feather, flowers, birds, bird brushes, tag, star, sparkle - all my collection and AWAKE content

Yea weird I know but fun too.  I love to add the unexpected element to my compositions and I love to use skulls and skeletons. I thought the abstract background resembled a station of some type so I added the trunk.  I wonder if she accepts the flowers??

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Valentine

Background made up of 2 photos combined
Floating hearts - Textures, dove, writing - all my collection

Well it's that time of year again so I thought I would make a Valentines image.  I am not particular inspired or happy with what I have been creating lately.  I just do not know what direction I want to go so that is a problem.  I make very simple images - I use Photoshop Elements and hardly anything else special.  I have some 3rd party stuff but tend not to use it.  I do not use actions because I prefer to make my own images my way.  I guess I will just keep plugging along and see where I get to.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Background - created using two of my photos
Sheep - extracted from an unsplash photo
Model - Aurora - extracted from a photo by Colby Files  
Textures, weeds and grasses - my collection

I wanted to make an image in the style of William-Adolphe Bouguereau - one of my favorite artists

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Model - Stephanie - extracted from a photo by Colby Files
Background - Mischief Circus
Back Zebra, chair - Mischief Circus 
Textures, moon, hair strands, striped stockings, bird, front zebra, weeds, sparkle, stars, feather, flower - all my collection

The Circus!!  I wanted to make an image with a woman in striped stockings and this is what I ended up with - quite a lot of stripes!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Radar Love

Background - made using 2 images
Models - Hannah &  Miles photo by Colby Files
Steampunk elements - Mischief Circus 
Textures and other stuff - my collection

So back to Photoshop.  I love making Steampunk art and haven't made any in awhile.  When I saw this photo from Colby I know it would make a great Steampunk themed image.  I wanted the figures to be the main focus but still wanted a steampunk theme.  I added the glasses to the male figure and created an appropriate background.  Lastly I ran it through a few filters.  I work pretty simply - I mostly do not use anything fancy - just Photoshop Elements and the filters provided with the program lots of masking and layers.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Power Of Three

Models - extracted from a photo from unsplash
Textures, moon, stars, birds, stuff - my collection 
iPad apps - Repix, Icolorama, Stackables

Made this on my iPad.  I haven’t been using it much lately and wanted to get back into making some art there too.  I am finally coming to realize that I do not always have to make a polished digital image in Photoshop. What used to bother me was I wanted to make the same exact type of images on my iPad as I did on my Mac - I didn’t want to be able to tell the difference as to where I made it.  That caused me not to use my iPad because I was out of “my comfort zone”.  Now I am liking the different look of the iPad work and want to do more using the apps there.  Another goal for 2017.  

Friday, February 3, 2017


So nothing in this image is real and I guess I am into rain and umbrellas right now. And yea I know the stop sign is on the wrong side of the road - it needed to be there.
I made the model from bits and pieces of other photos. The face is Hannah - photo Colby Files. The skirt and feet from another image as well as the arms, top and umbrella from another.
The background is made up from four photos
Textures, rain, stop sign, birds, lantern all my collection

Gotta love Photoshop!!!!!

I am still thinking about recurring images and in this one I have my usual dark image with the birds.  I completely created this model and it was no easy task but I think she works pretty well.  I like working with the rain and umbrellas for now - I can see a few more with his theme coming up. I do think there is a story here!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Background - created using six different photos
Textures, rain, hair strands, bird brushes, trees, stars - all my collection and AWAKE content

So this is my first image for February.  I spent some time creating this one.  I actually made the background first which is not how I usually work.  I made a similar background once before and I used that as the basis for this one.  After I made the stormy road I needed to put something on it.  This was not the original model I was going to use but I loved the way her white dress and umbrella looked against the dark stormy background.  I am going to use the other model in another umbrella image.  

Someone on the AWAKE group posted today about the Rule of Thirds.  I know all about that rule but never really follow it.  In this image I put my main subject smack dab in the middle and for me it works.  As I stated in my previous post I just finished a portfolio renovation with Brooke Shaden - on one of the days she talked about recurring themes or elements in your images.  Some recurring elements for me are the moon, trees, flowers, birds, skulls, a model, cats, keys, fog/mist and clouds. I never really thought about that before but now I am so much more aware of what I use in my images and how my props set the mood.  I also like the umbrella in this image and think I may do a few images if not a series using the umbrella.  My theme in this one as usual is dark and moody and for me this also tells a story.