Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Background - created using six different photos
Textures, rain, hair strands, bird brushes, trees, stars - all my collection and AWAKE content

So this is my first image for February.  I spent some time creating this one.  I actually made the background first which is not how I usually work.  I made a similar background once before and I used that as the basis for this one.  After I made the stormy road I needed to put something on it.  This was not the original model I was going to use but I loved the way her white dress and umbrella looked against the dark stormy background.  I am going to use the other model in another umbrella image.  

Someone on the AWAKE group posted today about the Rule of Thirds.  I know all about that rule but never really follow it.  In this image I put my main subject smack dab in the middle and for me it works.  As I stated in my previous post I just finished a portfolio renovation with Brooke Shaden - on one of the days she talked about recurring themes or elements in your images.  Some recurring elements for me are the moon, trees, flowers, birds, skulls, a model, cats, keys, fog/mist and clouds. I never really thought about that before but now I am so much more aware of what I use in my images and how my props set the mood.  I also like the umbrella in this image and think I may do a few images if not a series using the umbrella.  My theme in this one as usual is dark and moody and for me this also tells a story.

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