Friday, February 3, 2017


So nothing in this image is real and I guess I am into rain and umbrellas right now. And yea I know the stop sign is on the wrong side of the road - it needed to be there.
I made the model from bits and pieces of other photos. The face is Hannah - photo Colby Files. The skirt and feet from another image as well as the arms, top and umbrella from another.
The background is made up from four photos
Textures, rain, stop sign, birds, lantern all my collection

Gotta love Photoshop!!!!!

I am still thinking about recurring images and in this one I have my usual dark image with the birds.  I completely created this model and it was no easy task but I think she works pretty well.  I like working with the rain and umbrellas for now - I can see a few more with his theme coming up. I do think there is a story here!

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