Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Power Of Three

Models - extracted from a photo from unsplash
Textures, moon, stars, birds, stuff - my collection 
iPad apps - Repix, Icolorama, Stackables

Made this on my iPad.  I haven’t been using it much lately and wanted to get back into making some art there too.  I am finally coming to realize that I do not always have to make a polished digital image in Photoshop. What used to bother me was I wanted to make the same exact type of images on my iPad as I did on my Mac - I didn’t want to be able to tell the difference as to where I made it.  That caused me not to use my iPad because I was out of “my comfort zone”.  Now I am liking the different look of the iPad work and want to do more using the apps there.  Another goal for 2017.  

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