Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Uptown Girls

Created for Digitalmania Group www.flickr.com/groups/digitalmania/

HELENA LAM is the artist of inspiration. Her work features lovely ladies of the Art Deco period (1920 - early 1930's). 

Girls - from a vintage photograph - extracted, made to look like a drawing and colored

Light posts, hat flowers and vintage car - Mischiefcircus - http://mischiefcircus.com

Background - created using a city and landscape image, vectors, brushes, overlays and a texture

This was an interesting challenge for me - this image is just so different from what I would ever think of doing and that is why I love challenges.  Below is the image I started with to make this digital collage. I extracted the girls, ran some filters to make them appear as a drawing and then colored them - all in Photoshop Elements. Once I had my girls I then created the background image. Lots of fun I think I will do some more of these.  


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  1. You made magic with this photo, Jean. I'm so glad this challenge excites you. When I came across Lam last week, I couldn't wait to try her style. I had a great time with the 18th Century challenge too, though several folks seemed to think it meant altering the 18th century pieces themselves, which was not my intention. I always look forward to seeing your interpretations of the challenges!