Thursday, January 29, 2015


Created for Digitalmania Group Challenge -

"This world is but a canvas for our imagination"

The challenge is to create a picture to illustrate the quote or, if you like, any affirmative quote regarding art. 

I did use that quote and wanted to portray my imagination which can be quite weird.  I also want to have an artsy feel to the image and include some form of actual art. I finished it with a canvas texture.

Window frame, ballerina, sparkle, row boat, rope, starfish and seaweed - purchased from Mischiefcircus -

Mermaids in the window frame - Evelyn De Morgan “The Sea Maidens” -

Paint/water drip - I made this

Textures, seagull - my collection

There is just something so strange about this image but I do love it!!!

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