Friday, March 14, 2014


Patchwork - Created for Digitalmania image flickr group challenge. This weeks challenge was the artist CHRISTINE PELOQUIN a mixed media collage artist whose style suggests many possibilities for those who work in digital art. This was a challenge for me.  I thought about how to go about this and figured I would start the same way Cristine Peloquin does. I have a large number of interesting papers so I tore some up and handmade a collage.  I scanned in the collage - see the image below, and this was my base to start the image.  I added the face (hard light blending mode) but I could have really added anything to this patchwork base - a crow for example (and maybe I will) - but Peloquin works manly with a face or figure.  Then I proceeded to add other layers on top - lettering, alphabets, writing, other collage pieces (different blending modes but mostly multiply).  What was great about my initial base collage is I could digitally cut pieces to layer on top - I wasn't really happy with the brown piece in the original base so I just cut a piece of pink out and replaced it digitally.  Now I have this digital collage saved so I can used it for a base again, a texture for blending or I can just use pieces of it.  I am going to make a few more of these.  What fun and it makes you think having such a patterned piece for a base in an image.  I flipped the image below to the right for my finished piece and moved the face around until I got a good placement with the patterns. I really like the flickr group Digitalmania - the challenges are great to get you out of a rut.  I am going to go back through their archives and see what other artists they have used as their weekly challenge.

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