Sunday, March 23, 2014

Baddest Witch In Town

My newest digital image.  I was getting bored with my work so I thought I would go back to basics for awhile. The model for this image can be found here.  I am going to show the steps I took to make this final image above.

This is the actual image I started with - the original with the edges darkened - didn't have to have the edges dark but that is how I started.

I wanted something happening in the BG since I wasn't going to extract the girl and put her on some other BG.  I used the above pattern and layered it side by side over the original. I completely masked out (layer mask) the girl 100% and partially masked out portions of this pattern probably 20-30% - just in places. I used a blending mode of lighten 64% opacity. Below is the result.

Next I layered this texture over the whole image masked girl where needed.  I used a blending mode of Color Dodge opacity 100%.  I added an adjustment layer Hue/Saturation (Saturation -58 lightness +9)  I clipped it to the above two textures. The results are below.

Next I added bare tree images in the background - blending mode Multiply opacity 65% and masked out over the girl and where I didn't want tree branches. Below is the result.

Next I added some text to the bottom of the image for interest. Masked out where I didn't want it.  It was a png image - soft light - opacity about 85%  I didn't want it too dark but did want to see it.  Result below.

I next added a few bird brushes and an edge image below blending mode screen opacity 63%.

Which leads me back to the top image my finished piece.  Hope this is helpful. The next image I will probably do differently but that is how I did this one.  I could have used other textures, other blending modes and the result would have been different - that is why this is so much fun - you never know what you are going to get. Is this the best way or only way of course not but it's how I did it today.

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  1. Dear Jean, Thank you very much indeed for taking the trouble to put down all the steps you followed to produce your composition, it's really interesting. It would actually be a useful idea if we all followed suit from time to time because we'd learn such a lot from each other, too. Perhaps an idea for Sebastian to take up? Kind regards, Janice