Wednesday, March 15, 2017

iPad Work

So I have decided I want to do some work on my iPad.  I am just uninspired right now and sick of the same old stuff in Photoshop.  I have my iPad over a year now and have never really used it seriously. I have taken a few classes in mobile art but nothing seems to stick.  The image above I did a few days ago and as I described it I had no idea what I was doing - just winged it.  I said "I did this image last night using - iColorama, Repix, Leonardo and Stackables. I had no idea what I was doing or even how I ended up with this image".

This image was almost done completely in iColorama. Just getting to know what is what. I can see this can become addictive. I saved 4 or 5 different images and then combined them in Leonardo. I also ran it through a few filters in Repix. I have no idea what I am doing yet and that is hard for me being the control freak that I am, but it is fun.

Did this image today. More play in iColorama. Original photo Colby Files. I did try to keep track of what I was doing but I saved so many copies of this image that now I am not sure what ones I used. I did use a lot of the items under Style and also Brush. I also desaturated the image in one of the presets in the Tone section. I liked it better in B&W than color. I ended up assembling the layers and combining them in Leonardo and did a little bit in Repix. Another hard thing for me coming from Photoshop is on my Mac I have access to all my files - on my iPad I kind of think what I want to do and then bring over what I think I will want to use. A lot to get used to but I am trying.

I have decided that I want to work with iColorama for now.  I want to get to know how to use it and see what it can do.  It is a steep learning curve for me.  Maybe I will work on some landscapes next.  I think my major problem is I LOVE to use lots of layers and on my iPad it is not quite as easy as in Photoshop.  

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