Monday, April 14, 2014

Wheelie Girl

For Digitalmania Group    

The challenge this week is to create an image in the style of SHERRY PARKER

Some elements DeviantScrap -All other elements, BG, textures and brushes my collection.

So here is how I made this image.  

I started with this image of an insect from the internet.  I wanted this shape and the legs and thought it would be OK to use it because I am going to completely change it.  I played around with it using filters until I got a look I liked. 

Next I added a head and some wings to start my figure.  I also added a texture.

Next I decided I wanted my image to have real arms.  I extracted both of the arms from a figure  and fitted them onto my bug body.  I also added the golden rule image for some interest.

So my next move was to make an abstract shaped body - I wanted to keep the insect legs.  I used my shape tool and started drawing overlapping shapes in different colors.  I masked out to make the shapes conform to my insect body.

Satisfied with my progress so far I started putting little accents on the insect/figure.  I removed the insect parts on the right legs and filled them in. I noticed Parker used patterns so I added a pattern floor. A added another texture over the whole image - multiply 75% opacity and signed my name. 

There are 30 layers but the shapes and accent elements are all on separate layers.  This was a fun challenge.  So different from my work but I learned a lot and will probably make more of these “Parker-like” images. 

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your thought process and your "how-to"!