Monday, April 9, 2012


Well I have done a bit of work on the blog - a new header and a bit of customization and I think it is looking good! This is my next image - created in Photoshop Elements. It has a few layers - clocks, an hour glass even a bit of ocean and sand - it is my attempt to suspend time.

Time where does it go?  Good question and one that I am asking myself a lot more these days.  I find the older I get the faster time flies. I remember being young and adding a few years onto my age to make me at least seem older.  Now I am shaving off years - too bad it doesn't help much.  You are what you are.  Sometimes I wonder if time has actually sped up or it just seems that way.  I honestly do not know where the days go - and it is not like I am getting a lot accomplished.  Summer is coming and I do even less in nicer weather - I guess I just need to slow down and enjoy my life before it passes me by.

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