Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Model - extracted from a photo from Pixabay
Background created using 4 different images
Textures and bird brush - my collection

This image was created on my iPad using Procreate and Repix and brought back into Photoshop for some final tweaks.  So I bought an iPad Pro in January and I am trying to learn how to use it for some art work.  My problem is I am so familiar with Photoshop that I want to do my work in PS on my Mac.  I am forcing myself to create on the iPad using a few apps and it is slow going - like learning to walk all over again.  But there is no rush so I have decided to just enjoy the process.  I did bring this one back into Photoshop for some finishing and I think that is probably the way I will continue to work doing the majority of the image on the iPad and then just finishing in PS.  

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