Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Dance

Two images from Pixabay lots of processing by me. Yea I know probably a better image for October than December but I have had this type of image in my mind for quite some time. Here is how I did it.

These are the two images from Pixabay. I saw the dancers and thought I wanted to use them but I wasn't sure for what.  I started thinking about it and started planning my finished image above.   For the dancers I extracted them of course, then I replaced the man's head with the skull. I added a flower to the woman's hair.  For our skeleton man I added a top hat, ribbon tie and a feather and I also darkened his eye sockets.  I changed the overall coloring on the couple to match the BG turquoise tone.  Added some shadows and played with the lighting. I added a couple of textures, a little blur and then the clouds and smoke.  That's it.

I loved making this image and it turned our pretty much how I envisioned it and that doesn't always happen for me ; )