Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Quirky Collage 1

For Digitalmania Group www.flickr.com/groups/digitalmania/

The theme is QUIRKY COLLAGE. The idea is to build a collage from various, unrelated bits and pieces that together make a whimsical picture.

All bits and pieces from my collection.

I added the dog leash and the chicken to this image - I felt the chicken was needed for some interest on the left (and I like chickens) and the leash to tie the dog to the figure. The background in this image is 3 different parts from 3 different pics. The sky, middle trees and the brown grassy area - I then superimposed the tree branches over this and added birds. I could have added more but I think this is nice and balanced and tells the story so it doesn't need anything more ; )

I always try so hard to blend in my edges so my images look like a complete picture - this is the complete opposite - what fun.  I think I may do a lot more of these.

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