Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sunday Best

Remember when you were a kid and got all dressed up for church on Sunday morning!

For Digitalmania Group <a href=""></a>

This weeks artist is HEATHER MURRAY aka MAUDSTARR. a
Canadian mixed media artist, who creates mixed media pieces using vintage photos.

Kids extracted and colored from a vintage photo

BG I used 3 combined for the main background

Inset I used a background and 2 textures.

I also used a canvas texture to give the impression of this being created on a canvas and another texture over the completed image.  I used a filter on the inset image and did some drawing with the pencil tool on the ground  area.  I also placed a soft drop shadow around the kids to make them stand out a bit.

I love her work and had fun making this image and another I will post later. I love the simplicity of this image but as simple as it looks a lot of layers and work went into it.

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