Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 11 Challenge

1 The Character – Sir Thomas Bradley - financier, inventor and world explorer.

The invitation to attend the party at Ravenwood Manor came hand written by the Lady of the Manor herself, Catherine Ravenwood. A fancy costume party to welcome back Lady Catherine to the Manor.

2 The Setting – Ravenwood Manor

It once was a grand family home but it has fallen more and more into disrepair as the elder Ravenwood’s have passed on. There have been whispers in the village about strange and seceret doings at the manor house since our Lady Catherine has returned.

3 The Situation – The Party

Our main character Sir Thomas has arrived at the party mostly out of curiosity to see the beautiful Catherine and the interior of the manor. It is indeed a strange mix – so will it be a fun evening of dinner, dancing and polite conversation or something more sinister??

Girl Image - faestock deviant art

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