Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 6 Challenge

Wild Horses

Earth, Air and Water

So our week 6 challenge was to divide up the canvas into three spaces and fill in each with a Paree Erica texture. After that you could use as many nature images you wanted and use what ever techniques you chose.  

My first attempt was the top image wild horses.  I wasn't thrilled with it but thought it was OK - I had my three sections and three textures overlayed with the horse images.  

After thinking about this overnight and on my AM walk today I reread the instructions - I thought I missed the mark in the first try by isolating the images rather than the textures. My second try is the bottom image Earth, Air and Water and I am way happier with this one.

I divided up my canvas into three different sized horizontal areas. I added different textures in each – Paree Erica’s Sebastian 03,07 and 08. I then proceeded to add lots of images over these and change blending modes, lighting and painting in. I overlapped some into other sections. I wanted to tell the story of what is above, in the middle and below our earth and how it is all connected. I connected them all with the trees.

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